Camel Skin Lamp Surahi Shape (Size :59 cm)

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Camel Skin Table Lamp

  • The lamps are made from Camel Skin
  • All the work has been done by hand.
  • The colors used contain no chemicals.
  • These are prepared from natural resources .
  • Art remain as is for years and till centuries.

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The making of camel art product is a handwork that has been practiced in Multan for almost a millennium. There are families in the city who have been into this business for centuries and continue to this day. Camel skin products are made in Multan are renowned world-wide for the intricate hard handwork done on them by skilled artisans. It is one of the most famous and lucrative crafts of Multan. Camels can be found easily in areas near to Multan since Multan is located very close to the desert. The cholistan desert of Punjab is very close to Multan. Therefore, the main raw material can easily be found in Multan. Camel products are a small piece of desert crafted from dried camel skin in cholistan desert and the painted over to create a unique craft not found anywhere else. Light pierces through the porous camel skin to create shadow of the desert night. Making camel skin product is a long and delicate process that requires a lot of hard work. It is basically a combination of three different types of arts that join together to shape these show pieces. The artisans combine their talent and hard work to create. One is Clayman, second the Naqash ans third the Dabgar. Each of three work in unison to produce ornate camel skin products in Multan. The Kaman Gara area in Multan is the primary focal point of artworks where we can see numerous camel leather craft components in history of Pakistan that are quickly intrigued and acknowledged. It’s the creation of the famous craftsman Ustad Mohammed Abdullah Naksh. He was born in the artist’s city in 1898 and served his talent a lot and made Pakistan history in camel leather craft. He also taught tricks and techniques, transferred his talent to others and helped the art of living. overtime, people stopped using camel leather items regularly instead of using other items such as plastic or glass. From now on, camel skin craft are still relevant. they are used to manufacture elegant decorative items such as flower pots, lamps jewelry, boxes lamp shades, stationery boxes and vases. Camel skin products are the part of an art that is self-applauding and doesn’t need any words to explain because it speaks for itself. It is said to be the cultural heritage of our country as the making, designing and crafting everything is done by our very own Pakistani artisans and craftsmen. the inteicacy and delicacy with which they are being made is what makes them so precious. the technique of making camel skin product is referred to as Naqashi in the native language. the process of making these product is not an easy task at all and need so much specification. Pakistan crafts brings ultimate and exclusive variety of different products to decor your home or living home. Pakistan is rich in this art form and people from other countries also admire it. Travelers carried these things to our nation, which bolsters our way of life. There is a massive demand for camel leather product in Europe and Persian Gulf.

1 review for Camel Skin Lamp Surahi Shape (Size :59 cm)

  1. Muhammad Nazir Khan

    Glamorous design Pakistani Handmade
    Skin Surahi shape painted lamps are looks gorgeous 😍. You can used these type of lamps as a decoration peice. These unique gift for my
    friends. It’s enhanced my office decor.

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