Blue Pottery Plate Size:(D-11 cm) Design 24

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Blue Pottery Coaster Plate

  • The glazed stoneware with rubbed edges is handcrafted in Multan.
  • This plate can be used for serving any meal.
  • Hand glazed and hand painted.
  • Lead free.
  • Safe for use in microwave and oven.
  • Painted by hand by skilled artisans.

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Multan is one of the Indian subcontinent’s oldest cities of Pakistan. it has a rich history and heritage and is well known for its blue pottery known as KASHIGARI and its craftsmanship still alive. blue pottery or Kashigari is integral part of Multan’s traditional crafts and has a historical and cultural significance for the City of Saints. blue pottery enjoyed patronage of the royalty and was used as a utensils, decorative tiles and architecture.the mausoleum of Shah Rukhne Alam and shrines of Shah Ali Akbar and Shah Yousuf Gardezi that are located in Multan, all incorporate tiles exhibiting classic Kashi work, conspicuous in blue pottery. Multan is very ancient and historical city and is well reputed for its unique handicraft and blue pottery have their special encampment.this art have become the identity of Multan and popular all over the world for its elegant design, durability and the central Asian states and in Arab realms, these art are approved and also praised no doubt.the art of painting this blue and white pottery have their exalted rank as excellent arts in Islamic way of life. in blue painting the clay in the basic element which is taken a specially from the rivers. the special blue colour prepared from Cobalt oxide and copper oxide is a special technique and distinctive feature of the Kashi work. blue pottery is a microcosm of the Sufi mausoleum dotting Multan and Sindh.Its blue colour inspired by the heavenly colour preferred by Sufi Masters. its motives taken from Persian and Turkic calligraphy and miniatures .in the end of the making of this process very beautifully painted designs of blue and torquise blue colours would be appeared to show the finest delicate style of the pottery these days is used in a variety of utensils including flower pots,lamp shades,vases, serving dishes, earthenware,dinner sets,pitchers,trays and soap dishes eta.ceramic painting or blue pottery is an important cottage industry of Pakistan.the artwork is appreciated and purchesd not only in Pakistan but it is also famous all over the world.

2 reviews for Blue Pottery Plate Size:(D-11 cm) Design 24

  1. Minhaj

    Exceeds all expectations! Arrived super fast, the quality is incredible AND they included an extra goodie that was completely unexpected. Highly recommend the seller.

  2. Muhammad Nazir Khan

    Super dooper quality handmade ­čöÁ blue pottery
    Coaster Plates are looks mind blowing beautiful. This plate can be used for serving any meal. Hand glazed and hand painted.

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