Onyx Ash Tray (Size : 13cm)

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  • Marble Ashtray
  • This beautiful black and white Ash Tray with reliable solid Marble stone can be used as decoration piece or it can be used as a holder of cigarette ashes.
  • We will assure you the excellent quality and 100% originality of the product.
  • Marble Ash Tray comes in durable and heavy duty material which can be long last forever.
  • (Size : 13cm)

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  • Elegant, sturdy,simple and traditional ashtray. these onyx ashtrays are made using the finest marble,carved and then polished to enhance the natural details of the stone.designed to prevent the Ash from flying off. onyx is a grounding and protective crystal that helps to calm your fears. natural onyx ashtray. decorative ashtrays for cigarettes, elegant onyx for your office and home gifts. handcarved. available in different colours.best gift for smokers.easily washable and scorch proof. vintage high quality.Unique and elegant. the colour swirls you can see on the ashtrays are natural. each onyx stone is distinct from other. start conversations in your home and enhances your smoking. best home, office decor.Perfect for indoor, outdoor use and coffee tables and patios.Vast selection of ashtrays available.Please note: These products are handmade and/or naturally produced. Some variance in pattern placement, minor size variation and colour variations may occur and may look slightly different from the photo’s.

1 review for Onyx Ash Tray (Size : 13cm)

  1. Muhammad Nazir Khan

    Wow these superior quality marble handmade
    Ashtray are looks fabulous & attractive colors.
    These onyx Ashtray are made using the finest marbles. Best decoration piece.

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