Himalayan Pink Salt Pack Of 2

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Himalayan Salt Lamp

  • Can be used as Showpiece or as Night Lamp.
  • To Clean Room Atmosphere from Allergy / Asthma Patients.
  • To improve immune System.
  • Useful for the Health Benefit.
  • Lamp give off an electric charge that release negative ions into the air which is good for health point of view.
  • Very simple & very easy to use.
  • Low electric consumption.

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Himalyan salt is a rock salt mined from the Kewra,Punjab region of Pakistan and is used for cooking,food presentation,decorative lamps and spa treatments.it has lots of health benefits.Himalayan salt lamps are made by placing a light bulb inside large chunks of pink Himalayan salt. these are decorative lights you can buy for your home.Advocates of salt lamps claims that they clean the air in your home,soothes allergies,boost your mood and help you sleep.they have a distinctive look and emit a warming pink glow when lit.good looking, soft,gentle light also evoking a calming ambience within any space.they are natural ionizer,filters the air from dust,mites and bacteria therefore enhancing the quality of the air we inhale.Lamps are expertly carved from authentic,pure natural rock salt.available in different shapes Himalayan salt lamps are natural source of rejuvenating/revitalising air.it’s natural uniqueness makes it more beautiful and the warm glow bring peace in your home.
Great for gift and home,office decor.Its fantastic for improving the air quality in your home and aid in relieving symptoms of breathing difficulties and numerous health concerns.It is non-toxic,pollutant free, healing abilities and mineral rich.They does more than just provide light

Please note: These products are handmade and/or naturally produced. Some variance in pattern placement, minor size variation and colour variations may occur and may look slightly different from the photo’s.

1 review for Himalayan Pink Salt Pack Of 2

  1. Muhammad Nazir Khan

    These elegant high quality Pakistani Pink
    Salt or jar. These Great for gift and home,office decor.Its fantastic for improving the air quality in your home. I liked it very well.

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